I'll go over what my method of working is NOT from a Technical point of view, but more from a Planning point of view. Each area is a big area in animation. I wanted to share my thoughts and things that help me in planning a sequence. First of all, whenever I start working on a new shot, I try to keep it as fun as I can regardless of whatever deadlines we have going on. So I try to spend a bit of time at least exploring out the CREATIVE OPTIONS and POSSIBILITIES of whatever shot or sequence I'll be working on. In the end, I keep reminding myself this is work that I want to be as good as possible for years to come, however, I also want to have fun during the process. That part to me is just as important. Because of this, a part of the process I always enjoy very much is this exploration and the planning of the shot. An example I found was in a physical sequence I had to animate on The Incredibles. This is a Mr. Incredible sequence I wanted to talk about: